Pre-Qualified IT Vendors


The Department of Information and Innovation has prequalified a number of vendors to allow state agencies to quickly and efficiently obtain IT consulting and technical services. These prequalified vendors provide services in 21 functional areas or categories ranging from strategy and analysis services to information system security and systems engineering. DII administers these “master” contracts, and the vendors have agreed to the standard State terms and conditions.


This results in a two-step approach to procurement. The first step is qualifying a group of vendors under a set of requirements or functional areas. The second step allows state agencies to solicit responses from those prequalified vendors for a business need defined in a statement of work-request for proposals (SOW-RFP), and come to agreement by signing a Statement of Work Agreement.  This process is not intended for projects that would result in contracts of more than $100,000. Such situations require the formal Request for Proposals process.  Therefore, the limit per engagement, i.e. per SOW Agreement, under this prequalification process is $100,000.  Limits may be waived by the Chief Information Officer.  Master contracts are subject to dollar limits as well, so user Agencies and Department must check balances before obligating additional expenditures against the master contract..


View the current categories of pre-qualified venders


IMPORTANT State Agency and Department Requirements:

  • Any state agency or department may draft a SOW-RFP for their project under $100K.
  • Once finalized, the SOW-RFP is to be e-mailed to all vendors in the category that fits the project.
  • Vendors respond with proposals, and come to agreement with the State by signing a SOW agreement.
  • The DII Enterprise Project Management Office <>  should be copied on all email.
  • DII will maintain oversight of this process under our obligations to manage the master contracts, but the projects performed under these contracts are the responsibility of the agency or department that executes them.
  • The type or number of contracts will vary over time.  Our intent is to requalify/prequalify vendors every two years.
  • Departments and agencies should contact DII if there is a specific functional area or category of work that is not covered by the vendors in the pool.

IMPORTANT Vendor Requirements:

  • Vendors must wait to be contacted by an agency or department that needs some work. The vendor must NOT solicit work from state entities.
  • Vendors should respond to SOW-RFPs via e-mail in accordance with the instructions in the SOW-RFP and the terms of the contract they originally signed to become a prequalified vendor.