DII Divisions

Each of the divisions below represent distinct business units that are organized along functional lines to provide the variety of services for which DII is responsible.  For a complete listing of services DII offers, please go to our Service Catalog.



DII Divisions & Services Offered

Customer Support

Telecommunications Services:

  • Telephone Related Services
    • Auto Attendant, Caller ID, Calling Cards, Centrex, ISDN, Voicemail, etc.
  • Telephone Repair and Installation
    • Move/Add/Change Phone Line, Purchase Phones, Cabling, etc.
  • Enterprise Call Center Design (ACD)

Desktop Services

  • Hardware/Software support
    • Break/fix
    • Installing/configuring
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Life Cycle Replacement
  • Mobile Phone and Data Devices
  • Anti-virus/Anti-spyware
  • Windows Updates
  • Encryption




Enterprise Application Services:

  • Active Directory Services *
  • Citrix *
  • Enterprise Email Services
  • Email Archive Solution (with Enterprise Vault)
  • ListServe Hosting
  • SharePoint Services



Enterprise Architecture (Infrastructure)

  • Detailed System Design, Architectural Assessment, Life Cycle Cost Model, Implementation
  • Infrastructure Management of Physical and Virtual Capacity and Infrastructure (Private Cloud)
    • Server Provisioning
    • Storage Provisioning
    • System Implementation
  • Infrastructure Life Cycle Replacement
  • Infrastructure Procurement
  • Backup and Recovery and Data Archiving Services


Enterprise Network Engineering

  • Wide Area/Local Area Network (WAN/LAN) Services
  • Wireless Access
  • SSL Certificates



Mainframe Hosting

  • Technical Support (break/fix)
  • Systems software installation
  • Programming Services
  • Disk & Tape storage management
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Operations
    • Batch Jobs
    • Tapes/Storage
    • System Maintenance
    • Monitoring

(Web Services)

  • State Web Portal (Vermont.Gov)





Enterprise Project Management Office

  • Business Analysis Services
  • IT Contracts and Procurement
    • Pre-Qualified Vendors
  • Project Management Services
  • Auxiliary Services


Enterprise Information/Data Security Services

  • Firewall Management Services
  • Security Consulting Services
    • Security Awareness Training & Education
    • Virtual Private Network



Enterprise Resource Planning Technical Services (ERP) 

  • Financial Management System (VISION)
  • Human Capital Management System (HCM)

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