Training Room Rental

What is this Service?

DII offers a computer training room at 133 State Street in Montpelier. This room is available to personnel from all agencies and departments throughout state government. The training room is not available to those outside of state government unless such use is requested and overseen by an individual from an agency or department within state government.

What is Included?

Key Standard Features:

  • Eleven (11) computers, with internet access, Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 (for complete list of standard software installed, please see Appendix of Training Room Rental Agreement)
  • An additional computer for a class instructor
  • A data projector
  • A printer
  • Wireless Service

How Do I Obtain This Service?

User Request Process for Service Features:

Instructions to Reserve Room:

  1. To submit a room reservation request and/or check the availability of the room, please submit a calendar request (either in your Outlook Client or OWA), and add the room DII - 133 Training Rm022 (as an attendee). (It is available on the VSMS Global Address List). You should be able to see whether or not the room is booked by the free/busy schedule in the list of attendees. The reservation request will not be approved until this signed agreement has been received by the DII Helpdesk.
  2. Please complete the Training Room Rental Agreement & Usage Policy MS Word File-- make sure to include the software requirements section if you need additional software installed on the workstations (do not assume the software you need is already installed**). Return the signed copy to us at DII Service Desk, State of Vermont, 133 State Street, 5th Floor, Montpelier, Vermont 05633-6601. Or you may email us a signed copy of the form to The signed usage policy must be received prior to rental and must include your software requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us at 828-6620 or toll free 1-855-828-6620, Option 1.
  3. If additional software is required to be installed, please coordinate with the DII Desktop Solutions staff (a helpdesk ticket should be submitted) at least two weeks in advance of your training to ensure that the software is installed, and the workstations are ready for your training.
  4. For access to the DII Training Room, please contact the DII Service Desk at 802-828-6620 option 1 to sign out an access badge prior to your scheduled usage.

Service Exclusions

  • General office supplies such as flipcharts, pens and paper are NOT provided by DII
  • Local administrative rights are not granted on the training room computers.  If there is a need to install software not already included, please submit a service request with two weeks of advance notice for software installation needed, along with any instructions that may be required.

How Do I Receive Support for This Service?

To request support for this service, contact the Service Desk to open a support ticket:

  • Self Service Portal – The Self-Service Portal can be accessed via the following web link:
  • Call 802-828-6620 or toll free 855-828-6620, option 1

Service Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance for Training Room computers is managed by Desktop Support.  Please refer to that service for a maintenance schedule (standard is after business hours, or on the weekends).

Service Performance

Availability Goal:

    Support Availability:

  • DII Service Desk: Monday –Friday 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 pm

Non-Business Hours:

DII does not traditionally respond to issues after business hours. DII staff is only available via "best effort" after hours. Support calls placed after 4:30 PM and weekends/holidays will be redirected to Contact Communications. Issues requiring immediate attention will be forwarded to the appropriate DII employee who will triage the reported issue and follow proper procedures to restore activities to normal operations

Request Fulfillment Goal:

  • Once proper authorization received for training room request, and room availability is confirmed, the room is set up for trainings on short notice.  However, Desktop Support would prefer up to two weeks’ advance notice of any additional software that will need to be installed.

Resolution Goal:

  • Issues will be prioritized and resolved based on priority.  Please refer to the Customer Support Service Level Agreement for definitions of priority levels and resolution goals for each level.

Service Costing


 Description/Service Component:

Service Cost

Other details

Training Room Rental


½ day

Training Room Rental


1 day