Telecommunications General Procedures


If you are unable to find information for Vermont State Government offices in the online directory at the link below call 828-1110 for help finding telephone numbers for State of Vermont offices, services, or employees.


VT State Government phone/email directory


TELEPHONE REPAIR and INSTALLATION SERVICE: 802-828-6620 or toll free 1-855-828-6620 - Option 2

If you have land line (not cell or wireless) telephone service provided through or in Vermont State Government offices and are experiencing trouble with your telephone, voice-mail, or telephone service, enter a telecom trouble ticket via the Telecom Work Order system. All others contact your phone service provider or wireless carrier. State employees can find cell phone service providers and customer support contact information at the following link. Wireless phone service contact info. If you’re a state employee and need access to the telecom work order system email us at or call us at 802-828-6620 or toll free 1-855-828-6620 - Option 2.


Telephone Dialing Instructions:

If dialing within a Local State Government Centrex location you need only dial the four-digit telephone number. Within Montpelier you will save local calling fees by not dialing 828. For example, to check voicemail in Montpelier from within a Montpelier state office dial 3890.

To dial other Local Calls: Dial a 9 + seven digit telephone number

For Long Distance Calls: Dial 9 + 1 + area code + seven digit telephone number…(await prompt) + authorization code

International Calls: Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + telephone number…(await prompt) + authorization code. Refer to your local Fairpoint or VTel telephone directory for country codes or use the link below:


Whitepages International Resources


Information: Vermont: 9 + 1 + (802) + 555-1212

Information: Interstate: 9 + 1 + (area code) + 555-1212 + authorization code

Information: 800, 866, 877, 888, (Toll Free Calls): 9 + 1 + (800, or 866, or 877, or 888) + seven digit telephone number.


900 calls are not authorized or allowed from the State Telephone System!!!


If you would like to request a calling card or authorization code for a State employee, please visit the DII website and click on Telecommunications.  Any changes or questions regarding calling cards and authorization codes should be handled similarly.  Please note that an employee ID or department billing code is required before the submitting the request.



The State of Vermont has a new provider for Web Conferencing and Tele Conferencing. This contract replaces the one that has been in effect with iLinc. Departments will need to establish accounts with Citrix for both types of services. Billing will be directly between Citrix and the departments and agencies. There is no billing through DII and no DII administrative fee associated with these new accounts.  You can find instructions for setting up both types of accounts on our website.



All telephones and cell phones owed by the State of Vermont are intended for use in conducting the day-to-day business of the State. Use of State equipment or services for personal activities is discouraged and should never interfere with the conducting of State business. We do recognize that occasionally, personal use of State equipment or services is necessary and acceptable. When State equipment is used for personal activities, the employees using the equipment must reimburse the State through their departments for the expense incurred.



The Department of Information and Innovation will provide monthly call detail reports of non-cellular telephone calls to each business manager detailing long distance charges by each caller. Employees should examine those statements and remit the costs for all personal calls. You may call the accounting team at 828-3550 regarding any questions you may have about your telephone bills. Their mailing address is 133 State Street, Drawer 33, Montpelier, VT 05633-3701.


Other Helpful Information:
  • Nationwide Area Codes -- You can find a list of nationwide area codes at
  • Vermont Area Exchange and Zipcodes -- You can find a handy tool to search for Vermont Area and Exchange Codes as well as Postal ZIP codes at