Basic Telephone Service

Centrex Service:

The state has a very cost effective contract for telephone service which is known as "Centrex".  Centrex allows all state callers in the same locality to call other state offices in that locality by dialing only the last four digits of the telephone number. These calls are free and save the cost of local message units. Telecommunications can request that voice mail be provided on any state Centrex line. 

Centrex Features

Analog phones:

This type of phone is the most common standard-issue for most state employees answering a single line at their desk.  There are also analog phones capable of answering two, three and four lines if circumstances require this capability.


These are the user guides for the most common Analog phones in service throughout the state:

*these are the ones we currently carry.


ISDN phones:

These are commonly used at high volume attendant or receptionist positions where multiple line appearances are required. There are a number of different phones and user guides available.


ISDN Information


These are the user guides for the ISDN phones currently available:

If you need more information about a specific phone set please contact DII Telecommunications at 802-828-6620 or toll free 1-855-828-6620 - Option 2.