Getting Connected

Note: You many need a local administrator to assist you with this process.




The State of Vermont operates CISCO VPN systems, and encourages the use of a CISCO VPN Client to reduce the likelihood of multi-vendor incompatibilities. The Cisco VPN Client supports Windows, Linux and Solaris.  Mac OS X has since integrated Cisco VPN support client into the operating system and attempting to run the Cisco client will crash your Mac, so Mac users should use the native client.


When you are ready to install the VPN Client and have received connection information from either your IT department or directly from DII, click on the appropriate link below. You will need to download the client software from the DII FTP site link below.


Here are the installation instructions and a site where you can download a Windows, Solaris or Linux Client. If you need instructions on removing a Windows client, you can find those here.

Instructions for Configuring a VPN Client Adobe PDF File