Web Portal Vision

The Vision for the Future of Web Services in the State of Vermont

In June, 2013 the state signed a new contract for the Web Portal Project. This project embodies the state’s initiative to bring efficiency and standardization to common processes within state government. It also represents an opportunity to make full use of technologies generally available on the Internet.

The project exists for the benefit all state branches, organization, partners, and citizens. It is intended to improve customer satisfaction and greatly reduce transaction costs. In the past a wide variety of independent systems using divergent technologies provided Web services for the various organizations in state government. The Web Portal Project is intended to provide a common solution, development environment, and Web hosting environment available to the entire state, making it easier to support and maintain.

In the first 6 years of the project we progressed from being a technically inferior eGovernment State with little or no enterprise strategy to a point today where we can count several significant successes, including being recognized as one of the top ten state Web Portals in two consecutive years. This time of success has also been a time of learning as this new business model was tested. During the initial stages of our work we discovered several areas where there was opportunity for improvement in our eGovernment strategy.

The Office of the CIO, which includes the Director of Web Services, has been working to implement several changes to address these issues.  To learn more read the Web Portal Project Memo.

Vermont Information Consortium (VIC) is the entity under contract with the State of Vermont to build and host the State Web Portal and develop online services for the state. Based in Montpelier, this organization is helping Vermont to become an E-State by aggregating the various state websites into one standards based system, and to provide the state's businesses and citizens with the online services they have come to expect and deserve.

VIC has created an area, viewable from within the state network, that provides a great deal of information about the Web Portal Project.

Go directly to the State Web Resources site, or you can find the link in the footer of the Vermont.gov site.


If you are interested in more information about getting involved with the Web Portal Project please contact the State Webmaster, Harry Bell, at 802-828-5338.