Web and Audio Conference License Pricing

Citrix Online Services and Rates

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Updated May 29 2013 - All services below are per Agency, a 1 year minimum service term, an activation fee equivalent to the monthly service fee is charged on all orders, and are aggregated for reaching next pricing tier.

GoToMeeting LogoIn the past, the concept of delivering presentations in Montpelier, Burlington, Brattleboro and Bennington all in one day could understandably send pulses soaring in accounting.

But with GoToMeeting® individuals can work with colleagues and residents around the state, without ever leaving the office. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective solution for multi-user agencies that need to host meetings online with up to 25 attendees. It allows agencies to be more flexible and productive while reducing costs.

  • Learning Teams: Easily meet with colleagues and students in real time.
  • Follow-up Meetings: Review materials, tie up loose ends and share ideas faster without traveling.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate in real time on ideas, documents and projects with anyone, anytime.
  • Mobility: Increase your mobility by attending GoToMeeting sessions on your Apple® iPad®tablet. Download the free app from the Apple App Store and join meetings on your iPad in seconds. 

Monthly subscription fee per gotomeeting named authorized user(s) is $19.00

  • Each account comes with an administration center where they have the ability to reassign licenses to individuals as needed.  Licenses can be transferred unlimited times.  It is our understanding that this model would be equivalent to your existing “concurrent” option.
  • There is a minimum of 5 licenses per account set up for GoToMeeting only, (minimum of only 1 license for GoToWebinar or GoTraining).   One time setup and activation fees apply (same rate as monthly cost for each new license).
  • Unlimited Toll-Free can be added at a flat rate of $19.95/month/license.  Cannot be combined with any other GoToProduct and must be included with all licenses in a given implementation.              


Maintaining services on a shrinking budget might sound like an impossible puzzle but with GoToWebinar® agencies of all sizes are able to conduct do-it-yourself web events hosting up to 100* people for one flat rate. Reach and engage large audiences statewide without leaving your desk.

  • Expand Your Reach: Generate and nurture programs by educating the public. Reach residents in wider geographic areas.
  • Streamline Company Communications: Conduct state-wide all-hands meetings online. Quickly update employees and residents on new programs and initiatives.
  • Host Online Seminars: Present to hundreds of participants without travel and logistical concerns. Easily coordinate with subject matter experts from across the globe.

Attendee size and monthly subscription fee per GoToWebinar named authorized user(s).

  • 100 - $49.00
  • 500 - $199.00
  • 1000 - $299.00

GoToTraining HeaderState agencies are looking for talented team members and partners in all areas of the state, not just their own city. The challenge comes when it’s time to train a dispersed team. Travel costs and downtime needed to attend training in person can be difficult to justify.

With GoToTraining® you can deliver a classroom experience online with up to 25* learners, anywhere in the state, quickly and effortlessly. In fact, GoToTraining helps agencies expand training programs and even use them to build or develop a revenue stream. Here’s how:

  • Adoption: Intuitive training set-up and online access from anywhere creates a comfortable learning environment.
  • Reach: Reduce travel and reach more employees, residents and partners with real-time and recorded experiences.
  • Engagement: Our easy-to-use interface is purpose-built for trainer delivery and an interactive user experience.
  • Growth: The GoToTraining RevStream™ integrated payment processing feature offers an easy fee-based option to draw new revenue sources from your expanded online capability.

Attendee size and monthly subscription fee per GoToTraining named authorized user(s).

  • 25 - $99.00
  • 100 - $149.00
  • 200 - $199.00

Universal Licensing

In the event one particular license type does not fit with your goals we offer a universal license that will allow the holder access to all three GoTo collaboration products at any time.  Universal User Subscriptions allows a Universal Named Authorized User to access all three collaboration products (GoToMeeting-25 attendees, GoToWebinar-100 attendees and GoToTraining-25 attendees):

Number of licenses and monthly cost per license.

  • 1-4 - $125.00
  • 5-9 - $119.00
  • 10-19 - $114
  • 20-29 - $109
  • 30-49 - $104
  • 50+ - $99.00

Audio Conferencing Rates

Both standalone HiDef audio as well as integrated toll free will be charged at the following rates.

  • Toll (caller pays any long distance charge that may be applicable, plus a fee at the rate below for use of the bridging system).
    • $0.00 / minute per connection.  No cost to Citrix Systems ODS
  • Toll Free
  • $0.029/ minute per connection
  • $0.00 / minute per connection
  •  VoIP (available with all web conferencing options)

As stated above, we offer unlimited integrated toll free for a flat rate of $19.95/month/license for GoToMeeting only.  This cannot be combined with any other GoTo Product.

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For Customer Support, please call 802-828-6620 or toll free 855-828-6620

  • DII Service Desk:   Option 1
  • DII Telecom Helpdesk:  Option 2
  • DII Mainframe Helpdesk:   Option 3
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