It is critical in today's world that information of a confidential nature be protected.Citrix Online Services provides the security that departments and agencies demand.

GoToMeeting provides true end-to-end data security measures that address both passive and active attacks against confidentiality, integrity and availability.

GoToMeeting® is the most secure online meeting product available. Standards-based cryptography with true end-to-end encryption, a high availability hosted service infrastructure, and an intuitive user interface combine to maximize confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The document (link provided below) provides a technical description of the security features built into GoToMeeting. It has been written for technical evaluators and security specialists who are responsible for ensuring the safety of their company’s network and the privacy and integrity of business communications.

GoToMeeting is a Web-based online meeting service that allows multiple PC and Mac users to interact using desktop screen sharing, remote keyboard/mouse control, text chat and other features. GoToMeeting is ideal for Web conferencing, customer demos, sales presentations, staff meetings and project management.

GoToMeeting is a hosted service, delivered via Web browsers, downloadable client executables and a network of multicast communication servers operated by Citrix Online. Meetings are scheduled, convened and moderated using the Citrix Online Web site and client software.

GoToMeeting automatically integrates with such existing business communication tools as instant messaging, Microsoft® Outlook® email and voice conferencing for ease of use and solution completeness.

GoToMeeting Security Whitepaper

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