State Email Address Change to

Update:  All email addresses are scheduled to be removed on January 17, 2017 – the old email addresses will no longer work!  This also includes all addresses as well.

Communication Sent to All State Email Users July 21, 2015. 

Reminder sent to all State Email Users July 24, 2015

**This change excludes the following entities:  Legislature ( and Secretary of State's office (  (Their email addresses are NOT changing at this time)**

EFFECTIVE July 27, 2015:

The State will be changing all state email addresses currently ending in to  This affects both state and partner accounts.  Partner accounts will be changed to firstname.lastname@partner.vermont.govThere is no action you need to take to start sending and receiving email using the email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Email Address Be Changing?

Yes.  The State will be changing all state email addresses currently ending in to  This affects both state and partner accounts.  Partner accounts will be changed to

Will I still receive mail to my current email address – and for how long?

Yes. Your current email address will still work until January 17, 2017.

How can I tell if someone is still using my old email address?

You can create an Outlook rule to identify emails received still sending to your old email address.  Follow these instructions:  Create Outlook Rule

Why are we changing our email addresses?

The reason for the change is to enhance security on state-owned email addresses, and all associated communications from the State.  

The owner of the “@us” domain has decided to make the domain accessible to the public. Therefore that email domain will no longer be dedicated to federal and state government entities.  This allows the general public to buy up subdomains in the “@us” top level domain. For example, I could purchase the “” domain and start sending email to people and attempt to convince them that I was a representative of the State of VT.  Even though is not the same as “”, it is similar enough that some people may misread it and decide to trust any communication from that email domain.

The “@gov” domain and all subdomains (,, etc.) are still controlled by the federal and state governments, so there is no chance of similar subdomains being purchased and used by the general public.  Part of the reason we are doing this is to protect the authenticity of our email domain and all associated communications from the State.

Will DII be setting up auto replies informing people the State of Vermont email addresses have changed to

No.  Users are recommended to update their email signature to remind people to reflect the name in email address. 

(EXAMPLE:  My email address has changed.  Please update your address book to my new email address: 

Will this email address change how we currently login to Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

No.  Nothing is changing regarding accessing OWA at this time.  Please see the OWA User's Guide on our How To page:

My Outlook client still shows my mailbox name as  I thought that was changing?

This is a client-side issue only.  Because the client was initially set up when your primary email address ended in, it will still show that as your address.  If you would like to change it, please click on the document below and it will walk you through how to update it.  However, no update is required for the email change -- your email is still being sent as   Update Outlook Client Display name

My name on my email address is wrong now.  How can I get it changed?

Any name changes to email addresses should follow the DII standard ticketing process. The designated representative within your office will need to submit a User Account Request in the LANDesk ticketing system. If you need assistance, please call the Service Desk at 828-6620, option 1, and someone will direct you to a requestor in your department.

Will all our distribution lists and shared mailboxes automatically change to the new format?

Yes.  Distribution Lists and Shared Mailboxes (as an example: DII - O365 Project - will be changed automatically to the new alias (  This is part of the migration.  Users will not need to submit individual requests (or one large request) to have them changed.

Will all users who access the State’s email system on their State-owned mobile phones need to change their email settings in the phones to reflect the new email address?

 No, there is a tool that provides an automatic discovery of changes and will correct the email address.

In addition to the standard email addresses, all of my employees have a different email address alias (example: Will those addresses will still be allowed after the standard email addresses change to

The accepted email domains will not change and we will continue to accept mail for them. 

I manage a list serve.  Will the address be changing on that as well?  (Example

List serve email addresses are not affected at this time.  However, we will create an FAQ and instructions on any steps that may need to be taken in the future. 

(One known change would be any subscribed users that have an email address will need to be updated to before January 17, 2017.)

What do I need to do?

You’ll want to make a plan to update any systems set to send an email to your current email address, brochures with a person or entities email contact listed, frequent contacts, business cards, email signatures, etc. to the new email format.

How Do I Let People know?

We recommend users change their outgoing signatures.  An example would be:

(EXAMPLE:  My email address has changed.  Please update your address book to my new email address: 

Places that will Require Updating (by January 17, 2017) (these are just a few examples ):

  • Email addresses listed as contacts on all State of Vermont Websites
  • Brochures, Publications, Business Cards
  • Applications that will need to be updated with your new email address.  Some examples are:
    • Citrix GoToMeeting or Citrix OpenVoice
    • Maintenance Connection (BGS Facilities maintenance system) (BGS may be working on a solution to this, but you can go in and update your profile)
    • VTHR/VISION – We have been informed by VTHR/VISION that they will work on updating all email addresses in the system before the year is up.  However, you can update your profile at any time
    • Printers that scan to email – will need email addresses updated

DII has identified these applications that require an email address change and will facilitate the changes for our users:

  • LANDesk -- all emails in LANDesk have been updated to
  • E-Silanus ESignature – All logins to the E-Silanus E-signature portal have been updated to the new email address naming convention of  This has been communicated to all users of that application.
  • Online Phone Directory (DII will be working with the vendor to facilitate updating the email addresses that exist from to -- more info to be provided when it is complete.)


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