SharePoint Online

Status Update 9/26/16:

Migrations to SharePoint Online Completed!! 

As of 9/26/16 the SharePoint non-public sites are officially transitioned to the new SharePoint Online environment.  This portion of phase two is 100% complete for the project all non-public collection sites. 

The project planning to transition public sites has been happening in parallel.  People need to stay tuned for information about public site transitions. 

Status Update 6/26/16:

Use of External User Accounts in SharePoint Online:

External user accounts usage using Microsoft Live accounts or an O365 work or school account has been approved for use by the State of Vermont Chief Information Security Officer. It will be the agencies' responsibility to manage these accounts, and to follow best practice.  See information below on how to request this.

External Sharing for SharePoint Online for my vendor/partner accounts

 Please see documents below to request External Sharing for your SharePoint Online Site Collection.  (This will utilize the vendor/partner's personal WindowsLive ID or an O365 work or school account), and is a no cost option to share information from your SharePoint Online site with your partners.)

Status Update 2/9/16

Below is a brief update regarding the SharePoint Migration and Testing for SharePoint Online:

Based on initial testing results and feedback from testers, testing will be extended to meet both the needs of SharePoint Administrators/Testers as well as the SharePoint Project team. The ADS SharePoint team recognized that there have been several issues identified as a result of testing that need to be addressed and that more time is needed.

What this means: 

  • Testing will continue for all Site collections up to April 29th if necessary. During this time, the SharePoint Team will work with site collection administrators to prepare for final migration and final acceptance of their sites. It is not expected that all site collections will need that much time however, we want to make sure that there is room for additional testing for some site collections if needed.
  • As we all want to have a successful migration, it will be important for site administrators to continue communicating with us regarding their progress and continue to report their issues. In turn, the ADS Team will begin communication with Site collection Administrators in an effort to assist with their needs while working on their identified issues.
  • Although testing was rolled out in phases and broken out by batches, final migration and final acceptance will be different. Final UAT and Final Acceptance will be completed by site collection. This means that the ADS SharePoint Team will work with site collection administrators, or their designee, to do what needs to be done to be ready for final migration. Once final acceptance has been completed on a site collection, that collection will then become the production environment and the 2007 will no longer be active.

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