Active Directory Services

What is this Service?

VSMS Services is the Active Directory (AD) that supports some of our shared enterprise systems (i.e., Email, SharePoint) for State of Vermont employees.  It is a manner to service all who login to a computer or application upon accessing the ADS/SOV network.

What is Included?

Key Standard Features

  • Authentication is one of the services provided by AD.
    • This lets our network understand who you are and what you should and shouldn’t have access to
    • Also, this lets the computer know whether you have the access to log on or not from any particular computer.
  • Reduce overhead through standardization
  • Improve services through centralized management capabilities
  • Provide foundation for the following shared (AD related) services:
    • Email
    • SharePoint (Document Collaboration)
    • Desktop Printing Services
    • File Services (files stored on Home and Shared network drives)
      • Central storage provided for individuals and departments
      • Ability to maintain permissions and access to departmental files and folders
      • Server storage space for user documents
    • Citrix (Remote Access)
  • Backup and restoration services for central storage
  • Improve workstation security (for departments/agencies utilizing our desktop services)
  • Lower departmental cost because infrastructure is managed and maintained by ADS

How Do I Obtain This Service?

User Request Process for Service Features

Self Service Portal – Log into LANDesk

Service Exclusions

There are other Active Directories within the State of Vermont.  ADS will coordinate with other technical staff as necessary in order to utilize Enterprise services.  ADS will not necessarily manage the other active directories.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Disclosures of any/all security requirements
  • Individual agencies are responsible to work with ADS to assign correct permissions to department folders

How Do I Receive Support For This Service?

To request support for this service, contact the Service Desk to open a support ticket:

Self Service Portal – Log into LANDesk

Service Maintenance Schedule

  • Maintenance is performed during non-business hours and should not impact service.

Service Performance

Availability Goal

Service/Application Availability
  • Active Directory: 99%
Support Availability
  • ADS Service Desk: Monday –Friday 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 pm
Non-Business Hours

ADS does not traditionally respond to issues after business hours.ADS staff is only available via "best effort" after hours. Support calls placed after 4:30 PM and weekends/holidays will be redirected to Contact Communications. Issues requiring immediate attention will be forwarded to the appropriate ADS employee who will triage the reported issue and follow proper procedures to restore activities to normal operations.

Request Fulfillment Goal

  • Depending on service requested.  See Customer Support (Service Desk) for definitions of request fulfillment goals.

Resolution Goal

  • Issues will be prioritized and resolved based on priority.  Please refer to the Customer Support (Service Desk) Service for definitions of priority levels and resolution goals for each level.

Service Costing

  • File Storage Services costs $2.25 per GB/year and the charge is for file space allocated.  BSMS Services (Active Directory) is covered under the ADS Allocation.

133 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633
(802) 828-4141

For Customer Support, please call 802-828-6620 or toll free 855-828-6620

  • ADS Service Desk/Telecommunications:   Option 1
  • Vision/HR Helpdesk: 802-828-6700: Option 2

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