Desktop Applications

Standard Software on Desktop Builds

Note: Users will not have local administrative rights to desktop and laptop computers. End users’ administrator rights can be used by unauthorized users, hackers, and malware to compromise computer systems. For example, administrator rights can be used to alter a standard desktop image, change security settings, or install unauthorized software. Most malware and spyware requires administrator rights in order to install. By removing administrator rights from users and granting only the minimum privileges necessary for the performance of an authorized task, we will limit the damage that can result from a security breach or malicious user.

IT Purchasing Hardware and Software Standards

Supported Software

Office Word Processors, Spreadsheets and Presentations


E-mail Clients



Remote Access

Desktop OS

Antivirus/Anti-Spyware Software

  • ADS is currently supporting McAfee on all desktops.
  • Departments may incur additional cost of license and an annual maintenance fee for the number of PCs and laptops in their department

Encryption Software

  • ADS is currently supporting McAfee EndPoint Encryption on all laptops.
  • Departments may incur additional cost of licenses and an annual maintenance fee for the number of laptops in their department.

Multimedia Tools

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional XI and above
  • Web Portal content management system (CMS)
  • Other business essential tools on request

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