Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering IT Equipment

How do I get started, what is the process?

Start by talking to your Manager or Supervisor who can assist you with filling out the proper request form and getting it submitted via LANDesk

Some Departments have specific IT Purchasing Approvers who are engaged in the approval process and in other cases your manager/supervisor or your Business Office provides the approval. Check with your supervisor or manager for details regarding your Department/Division.

There are different ways to request IT items, and the process to request each is determined by the type of item needed. Some items we keep in stock locally, some items must be ordered upon request, and some common, consumable items can be ordered directly through your department business office.

What is the difference between Standard, Non-Standard, In-Stock and Non-Stock?

Standard items

The Director of Desktop Services has evaluated specific equipment and software for the compatibility to operate with other applications within the State of Vermont network. These machines and software are identified as our IT Purchasing Standards. This includes In-stock and Non-stock items.

Non-Standard items

These items can be sourced and procured but need approval by the Director of Desktop Services to ensure compatibility and compliance before they can be ordered.

In-Stock items

Items we now hold limited inventory of, to accommodate quick availability. These include PC’s, laptops, monitors, docks and some software.

List of the typical In-Stock Standards

  • Desktop PC (Standard and Developer Models)
  • Laptop (Standard, Ultralight, Convertible and Developer Models)
  • Mobile Workstation Bundle
  • Docking Station (for Standard, Developer and Ultralight Model Laptops)
  • Tablet Computer Bundle
  • Additional Laptop Power Adapter
  • Monitors (22” and 24”)
  • MS Office Upgrade (adds MS Access 2016)

Non-Stock items

Items that have to be ordered directly from the vendor and are not kept “in stock.”

List of the Non-Stock Standards

  • Winterm (Thin Client)
  • Special PC or Laptop
  • Tablet Computer Docking Station
  • iPad (with accessories)
  • All Printers
  • Projector
  • Additional Laptop Battery
  • Memory
  • External Hard Drive
  • All non-standard Software
  • Other Hardware
  • Larger purchases of 10+ items or totaling over $10k.

How do I Request “in-stock” items?

Fill out the ADS Deployment from Stock Request and Approval Form, include your billing code/Customer Id and get it signed by your IT Purchasing Approver or manager/supervisor.

The signed and approved request must be submitted by attaching it to a LANDesk service request.

How do I Request “non-stock” items?

If the item needed is a “Standard” but ”non-stock” item, fill out an ADS IT Purchase Request and Approval Form, include your billing code/Customer Id and get it signed by your IT Purchasing Approver or manager/supervisor.

The signed and approved request must be submitted by attaching it to a LANDesk service request.

You can find Pricing and Technical Specs here – IT Purchasing Standards

How do I request non-standard items?

If your need constitutes something not available on the standard list, your IT Purchasing Approver or manager/supervisor will assist you with your choices. Desktop Services must be consulted about the suitability of those items. Existing contracts or compatibility may prevent a specific item from being ordered; and a comparable item may need to be substituted. 

Once your need is determined, follow the instructions above for How do I request “non-stock” items.

How do I order a standard printer for our office or a home-office?

If you need a Standard printer read the List of Printers. Follow the instructions above for How do I request “non-stock” items.

What standard software is available?

Here is the list of Software Standards.

What other items can I get, that do not need to be ordered by IT Purchasing?

Cameras and webcams, mice, special keyboards, laptop bags, rolling bags, iPad Accessories, thumb drives that follow departmental security standards.

These purchases would generally be handled by your Department Business Office or the person who orders office supplies for your department.

Will my technology purchase be supported by the IT Department?

The IT Hardware and Software Standards – List of IT Purchasing Standards are supported by the IT Departments. Any upgrades or changes to the equipment must be checked by IT staff for compatibility and supportability. Desktop Services should be consulted before placing such orders.

Who needs to approve my purchases?

Every department is different. Check with your supervisor or manager to determine the process in your department. Every department has a specific person(s) that needs to sign the appropriate forms. The IT Purchasing Approver can be an IT Manager, Business Manager or Supervisor.

Will someone deliver and/or install the IT equipment/software that I have purchased?

Yes, for all computer purchases you will be contacted by our Desktop Services staff to schedule delivery and installation. A LANDesk Request for Install will be created by us, under the name of the end-user, once your item is received. The installation technician will contact you via email or phone to confirm the timing. It is important to work with them in advance to avoid delay and have a successful installation.

What do I do with old or obsolete equipment or software?

If this is related to an installation, be sure the technician knows to take the old equipment with them when they leave.

Otherwise, disposition should be documented in the original request. Detail what needs to be disposed, where it is located, and provide a contact name and phone #. DO NOT dispose of PC’s, laptops, printers or scanners without the involvement of Desktop Services as there are standards and security implications. If you have further questions, please contact the director of Desktop Services.

How will I know if something is on backorder?

ADS now holds stock of some IT items to help alleviate market unreliability. For Non-Stock items, in a “Back Order” situation, IT Purchasing will either substitute with a compatible item, change vendors, or if it appears the timing will exceed the 45 day limit, your IT Purchasing Approver will be notified

How do I order a large multifunction copier/scanner/printer for our office?

The State has specialized contracts available for leasing these printers. They are handled by your Department Business Office.

What constitutes a return?

Returns are difficult, and may have to involve your Department Business Office to coordinate.

  • If an item does not work properly on delivery, contact Desktop Services immediately, as returns must occur in a timely manner. A replacement will be reordered.
  • If an item is no longer desired – this is not a return –discuss with your Manager.
  • If an item is ordered incorrectly, contact the approver immediately. IT Purchasing will work on any problems as soon as possible.

Please note, a restocking fee of up to 40% may be applied by the vendor to returns.

How can I make a bulk order?

Any order of 10 or more units (i.e. computers, monitors, laptops) needs to be discussed with Desktop Services director. A project plan will need to be submitted including the names of the recipients, position #’s, location, phone #s, and a list of exact items needed (i.e. software). Timing needs to be considered for the project, also.

Desktop Services will review the plan and work with you and your IT Manager.

What Software will come Standard on my Computer or Laptop upon installation?

The State of Vermont automatically installs Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) and Microsoft Office 365 software on all supported PC’s and laptops, as provided for by the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement with Software Assurance.

Upgrades, such as Microsoft Access 2016 for Office 365 and others can be requested if needed. See the IT Software Standards list for more information.

For all other licenses, check with your IT Purchasing Approver or your Supervisor.

Can licenses be transferred from computer to computer?

As noted above, Microsoft Windows OS and MS Office Standard are installed on all machines. Most software applications can be transferred as long as there is a valid license and key available. You will need to work with Desktop Support to transfer licenses and applications

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