Enterprise Project Management Services

What is this Service?

This service assists State customers with the successful completion of Information Technology projects through project management oversight and the use of the EPMO’s project management methodology, standards, templates and best practices.  The EPMO’s goal is to strive for continuous improvement in its services to all State customers.

What is Included?

Key Standard Features

1.  Project Management Standards for IT Projects:

A.  Methodology, Standards* and Best Practices:  The EPMO defines the methodology, standards and best practices for technology project management.

B.  Tools and Templates:  The EPMO provides project management tools and templates that offer project managers a consistent method to organize, track and document project information. 

2.   Oversight Project Management*:  The EPMO provides project management oversight for technology projects with total lifecycle costs in excess of $500,000.  This includes approving the assignment of the State and/or contractor project managers for these projects.  The purpose of oversight is to ensure projects are well managed and on-track for success.  The EPMO determines the extent of the oversight services needed based on the project complexity, risks and total life cycle cost.

3.   Project Manager Services

A.  Project Manager Services for State IT Projects:  At the request of State customers, the EPMO will provide  project management services for State technology projects (subject to resource availability).

B.  Project Management for ADS Projects:  The EPMO project manages ADS sponsored IT projects that have lifecycle costs in excess of $500,000.

4.   Enterprise Portfolio Management*:  In support of the State CIO’s legislative requirement to create a 5 year Technology Plan and annual state-wide budget for all IT activities over $500,000, the EPMO solicits, tracks and reports on IT activity information from all State customers. 

5.  Project Management Training and Communication:

A.  Training:  The EPMO offers project management training as requested for State and contract employees.

B.  Project Information Exchange (PIE):  The EPMO communicates project, project management, and project portfolio information to interested State staff via an email distribution group called PIE.  Contact the EPMO if you are a State employee interested in joining.

C.  Project Information Exchange Roundtable (PIER): The EPMO hosts lunchtime meetings ~once or twice a month on project related topics of interest, featuring different presenters from ADS, including EPMO, and all across State government.

6.  IT Contracting and Procurement Services :

A.  Procurement and Contracting Standards:  The EPMO works with the ADS Office of Contracting and Procurement, the Office of the Attorney General, Department of Finance and Management, and the Department of Buildings and General Services Office of Purchasing and Contracting to provide policies, standards, tools and templates to assist with procurement of IT hardware, software, and services.

B.  Independent Review Process:  The EPMO coordinates the Independent Review process for all IT Activities over $1,000,000 and others as requested at the discretion of the State CIO.

C.  Facilitation of CIO Approval for Procurement:   All IT activities over $500,000 require State CIO review and approval in accordance with 22 VSA 901(4)(a).   The EPMO provides support to State customers to obtain CIO approval on Business Cases (IT ABC Forms), Request for Proposals, and IT Contracts.

How Do I Obtain This Service?

Request Fulfillment

Allow 10 business days for ADS review and approval of IT ABC forms (Business Case/Cost Analysis) and RFPs.  Note it can take longer to obtain approval for documents that require significant revisions.  See Starting an IT Project

Contract negotiation and review (Business, Vendor, AG and ADS) takes time and often involves multiple iterations.  If you are negotiating a new contract, it is recommended that you plan on 4 weeks to complete the contracting process. See Contracting.

Independent Reviews take 5 to 6 weeks on average to complete (with some being completed in as little as 3 weeks and others closer to 8 weeks). See Independent Review.

Service Costing

  • The EPMO bills as follows for the actual costs incurred for Oversight Project Management, Project Manager Services for State IT Projects, Independent Review Process, and Facilitation of CIO Approval for Procurement.
  • $88/hour for EPMO services (includes project oversight)

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For Customer Support, please call 802-828-6620 or toll free 855-828-6620

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