Voice Over Internet (VoIP) Telephony

New Service -- Coming in FY16.  For Project Updates, please visit our VoIP Project webpages.

Service Description:

Voice over IP (VoIP) is an IP telephony system that will replace analog telephony services (i.e., Centrex and Fax lines). This new service will manage the delivery of voice information over the Internet, rather than using the public switched telephone network. A major advantage of switching to VoIP is that monthly voice service costs will be reduced from the current Centrex charges. The VoIP system that the State of Vermont has deployed is highly redundant, reliable and will provide Agencies and Departments more features and functionality not available through the Centrex system.

What is Included:

The VoIP system will give the end user several connectivity options: 1) physical handset; 2) softphone client on desktop or laptop; and an application for mobile devices. This solution will also provide the end user with a collaboration tool (i.e., Jabber) that will help streamline communications and enhance productivity by integrating presence, instant messaging, desktop sharing and audio, video, and web conferencing under one single client on your desktop or laptop.

Key Standard Features:

  • Basic physical handset
  • Softphone client
  • Mobility application
  • Hunt groups
  • Intercom
  • Integration into Active Directory
  • Auto Attendant
  • Integrated Voice Response
  • E-911 services
  • Voice mail delivered to E-mail
  • Call recording
  • Integrated contact lists (voice, chat, presence, etc.)

Key Non-Standard (Demand) Features:

  • Enhanced physical handset
  • Desktop Faxing (Fax over IP -- FoIP X-Medius Guide



133 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633
(802) 828-4141

For Customer Support, please call 802-828-6620 or toll free 855-828-6620

  • ADS Service Desk/Telecommunications:   Option 1
  • Vision/HR Helpdesk: 802-828-6700: Option 2

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