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VoIP: General

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the internet.

Why did the State select VoIP?

Transitioning to VoIP will enable the State government to move away from a 50-year-old legacy voice technology, increase operational and workforce efficiencies and save State tax dollars by moving to one centrally managed communications network.


  1. Reduce the cost of telecommunications services inclusive of both landlines and cellular devices for State Government.
  2. Have the infrastructure and service capabilities to deliver cost effective telecommunications services to the new Waterbury complex.
  3. Keep pace with current telecommunication standards by replacing legacy technologies.
  4. Position the State of Vermont for future technology services.

What is included of the VoIP Implementation project?

Transition of State telecommunications from current phone services to VoIP services.

E911 compliance, including next generation E911.

To dial 911 users can dial 911 or 8+911.

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VoIP: User Impact

How will transitioning to VoIP services change things for me?

Overall, the transition to VoIP services will not change the way you make calls apart from receiving a new VoIP Phone. Some employees will have enhanced capabilities like being able to be reached simultaneously at multiple devices (cell phone) when people call your primary phone line. For those employees who utilize ISDN phones, additional time will be scheduled to collect your requirements to ensure a smooth transition.

How will ADS know what I need?

ADS, in partnership with NWN, the vendor selected for the VoIP implementation and service provision, will conduct a site analysis (survey) of each location in advance of transitioning to VoIP to collect employee voice requirements.

Will my phone number be changing?

In most cases, existing numbers will be converted to VoIP and will therefore NOT be given new numbers.

Part of my group will be receiving new phone numbers, is there an easy way to change phone numbers in the State of Vermont Online Directory?

Each individual must have their phone number updated in the on-line directory by an administrator from their department. Here is a list of  administrators for your reference.  If you are an administrator and need instructions, please revisit the instructions for the State of Vermont - Online Directory.

Contact the ADS Service Desk if you need to establish a login for new administrative staff to assist with this process.  This request must come from a Supervisor.

How will this transition impact fax services?

Please visit the Fax over IP (FoIP) services page for more information.

How will this transition impact conference call services?

Conference call services are currently out of scope for the VoIP project. Agencies and Departments should continue to utilize current services.

How will this transition impact video conference services?

Video conference services are currently out of scope for the VoIP project. Agencies and Departments should continue to utilize current services.

How will this transition impact those of us who already utilize VoIP through a different service provider?

Integration with current VoIP systems is in scope of this project. Replacement of current VoIP systems is not in scope at this time. It is expected to be revisited after the initial transition of land lines to VoIP services is completed.

Will I be receiving a new phone?

Yes.  The standard model for deployment is the Cisco 8811.

Will my current phone settings transfer to my new phone?

No, your phone settings, like speed dials, will need to be re-set with your new phone. This includes any Consolidated (formerly FairPoint) voicemail messages you have saved. They will need to be manually documented, as they will not be transferred to the VoIP phone system when you transition.

I only have a cell phone; how does this affect me?

The soft phone client is not being deployed at this time. Only desk phones will be replaced with VoIP phones.

My department has "seasonal" lines that are suspended during off-times, if we suspend service and then ask to have it reinstated can we get the same phone number assigned?

A specific phone number can be requested and will be reactivated if it is available but it cannot be held in reserve unless it is kept active.  However, the phone equipment can be removed and safely stored to keep anyone from using it during the off-times.  The wall jack will not be active with any phone (except for another authorized VoIP phone) even if plugged in.

How do I check if my headset is compatible with my new VoIP phone?

Please see the section below regarding equipment.

My phone number was just moved to the new VoIP system. Why am I getting more telemarketing calls?

When phone numbers are transferred from one carrier to another, as our lines are when ported to the new VoIP carrier, they drop from the Do Not Call Registry.  You can visit http://www.donotcall.gov or call 1-888-382-1222 to have your phone number added.

How Do I Decline a Call?

Because the State offers services to the public, individual phone numbers cannot be blocked.  When there is an unwanted incoming call, simply press the soft key under the word Decline at the bottom of your screen, this will send the caller directly into voicemail.


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VoIP: Functionality


VoIP Telephone Dialing Instructions

Emergency Calling

Dial 911.
Alternative ways to make an emergency call are to dial 8+911. The "8" is not a requirement with the transition to the VoIP service.

Local Calls (Other Than a State Office)

To dial any other local number: Dial 8 + seven-digit telephone number.

Long Distance Calling (Includes Canada)

For Long Distance Calls (except other VT state offices): Dial 8 + 1 + area code + seven-digit telephone number.  (NOTE: Unlike the phone service previously provided you will not be prompted to enter an authorization code.)

International Calling

International Calls: Dial 8 + 011 + country code + city code + telephone number, for a list of country codes use see; Whitepages International Resources.

Calling Information

Information: 8 + 1 + 802 + 555-1212

Unauthorized Calling

900 calls are not authorized or allowed from the State telephone system.



Voicemail User Guide

How will I access my voicemail?

Logging into your mailbox:

To access your VoIP mailbox from your VoIP phone, press the Messages button on your phone; you will be prompted for your pin (starter pin was provided to your Point of Contact), press # again.  Criteria for the new PIN are as follows:

  • Must be 5 digits long
  • Cannot be a series of numbers (12345. 76543, etc) or a single repeated number more than two times consecutively (11111, 22222, etc.)
  • Must not repeat or include the user extension or mailbox or the reverse of the user extension or mailbox.
  • Must contain three different numbers; for example, a PIN such as 121212 is trivial.
  • Must not match the numeric representation (that is, dial by name) for the first or last name of the user.
  • Must not contain groups of repeated digits, such as 408408, or patterns that are dialed in a straight line on a keypad, such as 2580, 159, or 753.

To check your messages remotely: Call your desk phone, when voicemail picks up press * you will be prompted for your ID which is your 7-digit phone number then press # you will be prompted for your pin, press # again.

Alternate way to check your messages remotely: Call 888-445-2144, press * when the voice mail system connects; enter your 7-digit phone number then press # you will be prompted for your pin, press # again.

When Locked Out:

Voicemail is locked out after three bad attempts, lock-out releases after 30 minutes. If you know your pin but key entry error caused it to get locked please wait a while and try again.  If you do not remember your pin please send submit a LANDesk ticket, or call the Service Desk - 802-828-6620, option 1. 

Where will my voicemail be stored?

Voicemail is stored on a secure server within the NWN data center.

Will my saved voicemail messages on the old system transfer to new VoIP system?

No.  Saved voicemail messages will not transfer to the new VoIP service.  You will need to record the information some other way prior to your migration date.  We recommend recording a greeting to let callers know that messages left just prior to migration could be missed.

Caller ID


Is caller ID included with the new service?


I don't want my phone number displayed on Caller ID when I make outgoing calls.  Can I make my number "private"?

Yes.  You will have to request that you do not want your number displayed via Caller ID.  A "mask" will be assigned to your number.  The person receiving the call will see "802-241-0000 St of Vermont" for any line that is marked as private, and caller ID of actual number blocked.  The purpose of this is to show it's a State of Vermont number.  The number cannot be called however. 

Can I selectively block my Caller ID when making calls?

No.  You either have Caller ID blocked (see question above), or it will be displayed on outgoing calls.  You cannot selectively block your number when making outgoing calls.

I have caller ID blocked.  How come my phone number displays when calling another state employee (or VoIP phone)?

Caller ID is only blocked when calling outside of the state's telephony system.  Your primary number will be displayed when calling on net (VoIP to VoIP).

Why does my caller ID sometimes not display “State of Vermont” to the person I’m calling? 

Outbound caller ID for State of Vermont VoIP phone lines is entered by our VoIP carrier, NWN, when the lines are built and published by them to the National Caller ID Database.  The carrier for the line being called (AT&T, Consolidated, Verizon, etc.) provides caller ID information to their customers.  Not all carriers use the National Caller ID Database to collect this information.  Therefore, the correct information will not always be displayed.

If the number called is a cell phone and the recipient adds the number to their personal contacts the phone will display caller ID based on that contact record rather than what is provided by their cell carrier.

Add, Delete, Change VoIP Lines

My office is now transitioned to VoIP how do I order a new phone or make changes to an existing line?

To make changes to or disconnect an existing VoIP phone or to order a new VoIP phone you will need to enter a LANDesk ticket with the Line Add-Change Request Form or Line Disconnect Form.  If you experience a problem attaching the form to the support ticket, please call the Service Desk at 802-828-6620, option 1. 

Self-Care Portal

How do I setup speed dial numbers in my phone and voicemail notification settings?

In the Self-Care Portal, you can configure user settings for your Cisco VoIP phone such as speed dial numbers, contact lists, phone services, and voicemail notifications.

For inquiries on how to login to the Self-Care Portal please contact the Service Desk at 802-828-6620 or toll free 1-855-828-6620

Are fax lines included in the transition to VoIP phone service?

No. Fax functionality is not currently being modified. The functionality, and lines, will remain the same for locations which transition to VoIP.

Where can I find more information since my office has transitioned to VoIP service and utilizing the Fax over IP (FoIP) service?

Please see the FoIP section of this website.

My office is using the FoIP service.  How long are faxes stored in the FoIP portal?

Retention for faxes sent/received is 30 days.  If you need to store your documents in a more permanent location, you will need to move them to a shared drive or SharePoint Online site.  They will be removed from the FoIP site after 30 days.

How do I request support for my FoIP line?

Please submit a LANDesk ticket.

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VoIP: Equipment

Conference Rooms

Conference Phone recommended installations:
Small conference rooms and in-office meeting tables - Cisco 8811 desk phone may be sufficient
Small to medium conference rooms - Cisco 8831 conference phone
Medium to large rooms - Cisco 8831 conference phone and expansion microphone kit (wired or wireless are available)
Large to very large rooms - May require two 8831 conference phones, daisy-chained together (can also have one external microphone on each unit to provide expanded room coverage) 160-degrees conical pattern provides even coverage of listening area; Four hemi-cardioid microphones are spaced so that they combine to provide a 180-degree pick-up pattern around both Cisco 8831 conference phones; speech is captured at the same level at all points around the devices. Click here for the full data sheet

How do I check if my headset is compatible with my new VoIP phone?

If you have a headset that is not on the list below, you should inquire with the State contracted resellers to identify if the headset is compatible with the model of Cisco phone you will be receiving and if there is an adapter required.

Headset Compatibility Overview.  This is a Jabra-Cisco headset compatibility overview.

Headset Compatibility Guide.  This guide was developed based on units tested by ADS, there may be other models that are compatible.

 How do I purchase a new headset for my VoIP phone?

Headsets may be procured via your IT Manager or Business office through various State contracted resellers, for assistance contact BGS Purchasing and Contracting.

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