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Office 365 Helpdesk Troubleshooting Guide, dated February 10, 2016

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How are Office Suite Updates handled?

The updates will install automatically (they are not updated through WSUS servers).  There are scheduled tasks that run a few nights a week to initiate updates set up by default (see below):

Office Updates

Outlook Client Questions:

User reports they can't see email more than 12 months old in Outlook client --

Increase mail synchronized in Outlook client to 24 months. 

How the State should be deploying Visio and Project as it relates to our future with O365?

If the user is running Office365 Pro Plus (2016 click-to-run), they will need to run Visio 2013 if the license is the standalone perpetual license.  Unless the license is Visio Online, then the user would run the current versions of both Visio and Office.  Here is a breakdown of recommendations (attached).

If these are net new licenses, Microsoft recommends considering Visio Online. 

Side-by-Side Installation Compatibility for Project and Visio with Office MSI and Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run - Frequently Asked Questions

Security & Compliance:

Service Health and Status:

This is available in the Office 365 Admin Center


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