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Landesk User Account Request (UAR) Training

The State of Vermont used various means for processing user account requests. The LANDesk system User Account Request module replaced many of those previous systems for setting up accounts for newly hired employees, changes to existing employee information, or removing terminated employees accounts.

Authorized Requestors have the ability to submit requests to add, edit, and remove the access/permissions of employees to various state systems and software.  Authorized Requestors are tasked to make sure that a request is appropriately approved before they submit a User Account Request ticket.  Below is helpful training materials to guide an Authorized Requestor in the uses and process of submitting a User Account Request.

UAR Requestor and Approver Training Guides

UAR Recorded Training

UAR Quick Steps

User Account Request Points of Contact

Each department's Points of Contact has the authority to approve or reject a request for an employee to become an Authorized Requestor.  Please check the list of Points of Contact if you intend to become an Authorized Requestor.

Bulk Requests

Instructions when submitting a Bulk UAR Request:

  1. You must have at least two users
  2. All users must need exactly the same actions
  3. Enter a UAR Request, using the first user’s name
  4. All users names should be pasted into the description field
  5. The ADS tech assigned to the ticket will reach out to you for the below spreadsheet to be sent to them.

Form to be completed:  Bulk User Template for AD/Email



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