Password Reset

Due to the variety of passwords that are used for the various state systems, the general procedure to get a password reset is to contact your internal IT Helpdesk or other support resource. If they are unable to reset the password themselves, they will contact the ADS Service Desk to provide assistance.

If you work in a department that is directly supported by ADS, you should still contact the individual designated in your department as the point of contact and that person will contact the ADS Service Desk if further assistance is needed.

If you are unable to reach your internal contact, you may call the ADS Service Desk at 828-6620 for assistance.

As of February 17, 2012:

Procedure change for a Windows/email password reset:  Users will be required to identify themselves with their State Employee ID number.  (If you do not have an ID number, we ask that you work with a liaison to request a password reset through LANDesk – the state employee that is your contact).  We feel this is an important step we need to take to help protect our information technology resources**.  We also will no longer be resetting the passwords to our current “standard default”.  We are coming up with a new default, and you will be informed what your new password is after you properly identify yourself.

We strongly encourage users to change their passwords when they receive the warnings.  This would alleviate the need for a call, or LANDesk ticket.  Depending on how you connect to our resources, you can either change your password at logon, or by following the instructions on the link provided below:   

We believe you will understand the importance of this change, and would just like you to be prepared with this information in the event you do need to call in for a password reset. 


ADS Service Desk
802-828-6620, Option 1

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Passwords are an important component of information technology and network security. The use of a password in combination with the user name serves to identify those who are authorized to have access to system resources and information assets. Authenticated access is one way that the enterprise can be assured that systems and data are being used appropriately. As such, passwords must be constructed, used, changed on a regular basis and protected appropriately to ensure that the level of security they imply is actually met.

How to change your password

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For Customer Support, please call 802-828-6620 or toll free 855-828-6620

  • ADS Service Desk/Telecommunications:   Option 1
  • Vision/HR Helpdesk: 802-828-6700: Option 2

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