Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant is also known as a call processor or a phone tree.

Automating Call Flow Handling in Your State Office

The Consolidated (formerly Fairpoint) Centrex phone system that Vermont state government offices use has the ability to utilize an automated attendant voice mail service for only $3.09 per month plus the normal monthly telephone line charges. The auto attendant presents a menu of choices to the caller which guides them to pre-determined internal telephone numbers, staff directories or to pre-recorded announcements.

For example, the caller would hear a greeting and offer them choices such as: "for information about submitting requests for new telephone services press 1", “to speak with the telecommunications helpdesk Press 2”, “press 3 for the staff directory”, etc. The auto attendant is typically utilized to enhance the efficiency of the flow of calls to your department staff and to keep the front receptionist free from answering a bulk of the inbound telephone calls for a particular group of employees or having to answer repetitive questions that can instad be addressed by a pre-recorded announcement. If you need more information or want to have an auto attendant installed, please have your staff who have access to our telecom requestor system submit a telecom service request under “voice mail”.

Access your existing auto attendant

You can access your existing auto attendant to make changes to it by logging in to the Auto Attendant Online. Note that the new auto attendant system does not automatically transfer callers who do not make a menu selection as the old system did. There is still a dial zero (ext. 0) which you can program, but the caller must now press zero to be routed to that extension.

On-Line Auto Attendant Page

Login in to the Auto Attendant Online

Training Materials

Here are some training materials that can be helpful during the design, implementation and recording of announcements.

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