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Consolidated (formerly Fairpoint) Voicemail

Voice Mail User Passwords

New voicemail boxes have a temporary password which is the last four digits of the telephone number. You will be prompted to change the password the first time you successfully login. To request a voice mail box password reset please contact Telecommunications at 802-828-6620 or toll free 1-855-828-6620, option 1 or submit a LANDesk ticket:

Local Voice Mail Access Numbers

You can access the State of Vermont voicemail system by calling any of these telephone numbers. Choose the one that is a local call.

  • Barre 828-3890 (78 if calling from a state line in Barre; vs. 9-828-3890)
  • Bennington 447-6969
  • Brattleboro 257-2525
  • Burlington 865-7799
  • Colchester 865-7799 (78 if calling from a state line in Colchester; vs. 9-865-7799)
  • Chelsea 685-2191
  • Essex 879-5633
  • Middlebury 388-5300
  • Montpelier 828-3890
  • Morrisville 828-3890 (77 if calling from a state line in Morrisville; vs. 9-828-3890)
  • Newport 334-3970
  • Pittsford 786-5980 (77 if calling from a state line in Pittsford; vs. 9-786-5980)
  • Rutland 786-5980
  • St. Albans 527-5499
  • St. Johnsbury 751-3240
  • Waterbury 241-3310
  • White River Jct. 295-4141
  • Williston 879-5633
  • Winooski 865-7799 (78 if calling from a state line in Winooski; vs. 9-865-7799)

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Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips for the new Consolidated (formerly Fairpoint) voice mail system, also see the link to the Centrex voice mail user guide and the separate  menu summary below.

Dial Zero option (personal receptionist)

The dial zero needs to be set up by each employee in their own mailbox; it is no longer set, activated or changed by Consolidated (formerly Fairpoint) and the dial zero setting on your old mailbox was not carried over to your new mailbox. The dial zero feature is now called "personal receptionist" which can be accessed from the main menu by pressing 3-1-4-2, then enter the 4 digit extension you want callers transferred to when zero is pressed, then press pound and press 1 to save the setting. If you want the dial zero number to be an outside line, then program your dial zero number using 9 plus the phone number as you would dial it from your phone, include 1 if long distance (I. E. 9,1-xxx-xxx-xxxx).

Fast forward to end of message

Press 9-9 to Fast forward to end of message. This is useful if you’ve determined the message needs to be forwarded to another mailbox. You can’t forward a message while it’s playing, you have to either wait until it’s finished playing or press 9-9 to advance to the end of the message.

Forwarding messages to another mailbox

To forward a voice mail message from one mailbox to another, you must enter the 10 digit mailbox number you want to forward the message to, such as 802-828-1234. This is a change from the old system which would accept the 7-digit mailbox number. You must also be at the end of the message to forward it; you can press 99 to fast forward to the end of the message if you don't want to listen to the entire message. You can no longer forward the message during playback (pressing 5 during playback only increases the volume of playback).

After entering the recipients 10-digit mailbox number it will state “[recipient name] will receive this message”  This is not all that you need to do… next you press # or an additional recipients mailbox number.  When you press # after entering all recipient mailboxes it will ask you to forward with a comment (press 1) or without a comment (press 2). Once you have made that choice and, if applicable, have recorded your message then you will hear some other options for marking the message private, etc.  After all choices have been made press 1 to send the message.  You will hear “message sent”.

Accessing your office general voice mailbox from your main line that has an auto attendant on it

If you try to access your offices’ general voice mailbox and you are prompted to ‘enter your PIN followed by the pound key” instead of the prompt “enter your password then press pound”, then you need to press star twice, then press pound, then enter your 10 digit mailbox number and press pound, then you will be prompted to “enter your password then press pound” (instead of your PIN for your auto attendant), enter your mailbox password and press pound as instructed. When you call the voice mail access number from a phone line that has an auto attendant, the system assumes you want to access the auto attendant. The process above tells the system that you want to access a voice mailbox rather than an auto attendant. Don’t forget to use your web browser and the following link if you need to make changes to your auto attendant and not your mailbox.

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Notification options

You might find the new voice mail notification options useful, such as special delivery. You can use special delivery to have your mailbox call your cell phone or home phone when you have a new message and specify whether it calls you for all new messages or just messages people have marked urgent by pressing pound-4-pound after recording the message they left you. You can also set the schedule when it calls you to notify you of the new message. Special delivery options can be accessed from the main menu by pressing 3-1-3-2-1. If you use this, enter 9-plus your 7-digit local cell or home phone number or 9-1-plus your 10-digit cell or home phone number as your special delivery number to have it call your cell or home phone. When you have a new message, your mailbox will call you and tell you there's a new message and prompt you to enter your password to hear the new message. You can also have your mailbox send a text message your (10-digit) cell phone to let you know you have new messages, this option is under notification option 4 wireless (SMS) notification. Note that the pager notification option requires an alpha-numeric pager, it does not work with numeric-only pagers.

Call Answering Mailbox

This type of voice mail will allow an incoming caller to leave a message if the state employee is talking on the telephone or if the line is not answered by a specified number of rings.

Information-only Mailbox

This type of mailbox allows the state to give specific information to an incoming caller. It does not allow the caller to leave a message.

Message Waiting Indication

We can provide three types of message waiting indication. The options are a visual message waiting light, an audible stutter dial tone you hear when you pick up your handset, or a combination of both.  Within voicemail you can also configure a page and/or SMS alert of a message waiting.

Dial 0

Callers can be transferred to another line if they get your voice mail and must speak to a real human! This feature is programmed in from your voicemail box main menu.  Press 3 to go to personal options, then press 1 to reach the personal profile menu.  To change or review your personal receptionist feature, press 4, enter the 4 digit extension callers should be routed to when they press zero in your mailbox, then press # (pound), then press 1 to save the setting.

Voice Mail Busy Greeting

When taking over an existing voice mailbox from another person, be sure to check for the busy greeting and change it if present. Otherwise callers will get the previous person's busy greeting when they call you while you are on the phone. This feature allows callers to hear a different message if you are currently using your telephone.  To change or review the busy greeting settings, access your voicemail box.  From the main menu, press 3 to go to personal options, then press 2 to reach the greetings menu.  From there press 2 to access the busy greeting menu and follow the prompts. Don’t forget to press 2 to activate your busy greeting once you have recorded it.

Voice Mail Extended Absence Greeting

The extended absence greeting is useful when you will be out of the office and you want to be sure callers are made aware of your absence before leaving a message. When activated, the extended absence greeting prevents the caller from pressing pound to bypass your standard greeting to begin recording their message immediately, it forces them to listen to your extended absence greeting. The extended absence greeting does not record over your standard greeting, so once you deactivate your extended absence greeting, the existing standard greeting will resume being played to callers reaching your voice mailbox. To create an extended absence greeting, access your voice mailbox as usual. From the main menu, press 3 to go to Personal Options, then press 2 to reach the Greetings menu, then press 4 to record and schedule your Extended Absence Greeting menu and follow the prompts.  For more information on the features associated with the extended absence greeting, please review page 6 of the Centrex User Guide and the feature overview.  For more information on the features associated with the extended absence greeting, please review page 6 of the Centrex User Guide and the feature overview.

VoIP Voicemail

Voicemail Menu Summary Guide

Logging into your mailbox:

To access your VoIP mailbox from your VoIP phone, press the Messages button on your phone; you will be prompted for your pin (starter pin was provided to your Point of Contact), press # again.  Criteria for the new PIN are as follows:

  • Must be 5 digits long
  • Cannot be a series of numbers (12345. 76543, etc) or a single repeated number more than two times consecutively (11111, 22222, etc.)
  • Must not repeat or include the user extension or mailbox or the reverse of the user extension or mailbox.
  • Must contain three different numbers; for example, a PIN such as 121212 is trivial.
  • Must not match the numeric representation (that is, dial by name) for the first or last name of the user.
  • Must not contain groups of repeated digits, such as 408408, or patterns that are dialed in a straight line on a keypad, such as 2580, 159, or 753.

To check your messages remotely: Call your desk phone, when voicemail picks up press * you will be prompted for your ID which is your 7-digit phone number then press # you will be prompted for your pin (please call ADS Service Desk at 828-6620 opt. 1 if you do not know the starter pin), press # again.

Alternate way to check your messages remotely: Call 888-445-2144, press * when the voice mail system connects; enter your 7-digit phone number then press # you will be prompted for your pin (please call ADS Service Desk at 828-6620 opt. 1 if you do not know the starter pin), press # again.

When Locked Out:

Voicemail is locked out after three bad attempts and releases after 30 minutes... so, if you know your pin but key entry error caused it to get locked please wait a while and try again.  If you do not remember your pin, please submit a LANDesk ticket to request a reset.  If you need assistance submitting a ticket, please call ADS - Service Desk at 828-6620, option 1.

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For Customer Support, please call 802-828-6620 or toll free 855-828-6620

  • ADS Service Desk/Telecommunications:   Option 1
  • Vision/HR Helpdesk: 802-828-6700: Option 2

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